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Frequent Questions

Do you supply me with leads?

If we receive a lead from your area, we will

Do I need any qualifications?

No, we provide full training

What do I need to register?

An ABN or a business registration number from your country

Do I own the leads?

Yes, any leads you generate are yours

As a member of Local Marketing Experts do I become an employee?

No, you are an affiliate running your own business, however as a member you receive member benefits and digital marketing services at discounted rates.

Do I have an area or location assigned to me?

No, you can generate your leads from anywhere.  However, if we receive an enquiry from your area then this may be given to you to follow up on.

How can I track my leads and sales?

We suggest managing through a Customer Relationship Management Tool.

We recommend Hubspot for free.

Can I be a part of LME for the training, but manage my clients on my own?

Yes.  As a member you can use us for the full service or partial service.  Full fees still apply either way.

Do you provide an office to work from?

No, we all live the laptop lifestyle

What if I don’t have a website?

We will provide you with one

Can I refer my friends to join also?

Yes, the more the merrier

What training will I receive?

You will receive all the training that is required to manage your own digital agency, plus ongoing training to offer new products, services and solutions to your clients

Do you provide members with leads?

If we receive enquiries within a certain location, then yes we may pass the leads onto the LME Member closest.

Does LME handle invoices to the client?

No.  Any clients you obtain are your responsibility under our business.

LME just provides the branding and support.

Can 2 of us become members of LME as a partnership?

If you are business or life partners, then yes you can.

In this case you may be asked to provide your partnership registration for verification.

What are all the services available to me as a member of LME?

Web design, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Funnel building, Software development, Mobile app development, Graphics Design, Printing, copywriting, Promotion videos and any other marketing services required; we cover the lot.

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